"Person-centered solutions"

We believe that business changes start from within the person’s will.

As in all our interventions, we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach, but a tailor-made one. So our clients tend to call us when willing to create a specific intervention related to:

  • Engagement,
  • Team Building,
  • Executive Coaching,
  • New-leader assimilation,
  • New talent on-boarding
  • Off-site events with a specific focus
    on developing mindsets such as:

Innovation, Strategic thinking, Leadership, Customer focus, Integrity, Safety, Collaboration.



Being effective in the 21st-century workplace has a lot to do with networking. Building a genuine partnership and fostering trust is, at the end of the day, what creates an effective company—and, more importantly, a meaningful community in which innovation and engagement flourish.

  • Engagement
  • Team-Building
  • New-leader assimilation
  • Soft-skills training
  • Organizational climate
  • Multicultural teamwork development

Our clients usually require our intervention in order to enhance interpersonal skills that are essential in companies: When a new team is formed, a new senior executive is to be introduced to his or her team, even when a great technical performer has to increase or leverage soft- skills, or employee survey results show that interpersonal connections should be empowered.



In this kind of process, our clients desire a whole solution that starts from getting aware of the need of change up to the continuity process of making change sustainable as part of the organizational culture. Our clients tend to call us when a major shift of mindset is needed towards more:

  1. Agility in planning, innovation or execution.
  2. Service orientation,
  3. Collaboration and leadership across organizational
    complex organizations.
  4. Global mindset,
  5. Strategic thinking skills.

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizational structure change
    (i.e. complex / matrix organizations)
  • Renewing business models
  • New operational systems
  • Talent onboarding
  • Shifting organizational culture

Typically, our customers are very clear about the strategic value of potential change, but frequently they forget the importance of the intangible yet fundamental asset that leads to success: human will.

Engagement of will requires an honest, transparent, and person-centered approach to change that allows people not only to survive change, but to actively engage with it.


Extraordinary, authentic leadership comes from seeking the greatest possible good. Authentic leadership includes not just skills and experience, but above all a set of values that foster passion and engagement in every individual.

  • Team-Building
  • High-potential development programs
  • Cross-cultural leadership
  • Perfecting leadership and management skills
  • Ethical, transformational, and authentic leadership programs

Major corporations have specific leader expectations. With Humanum(R) they will gain a full-solution partner, as well as a multidisciplinary approach to make those expectations a reality, including seminars, team interventions, coaching, training and/or workshops. We acknowledge the difference between shaping a management skill and releasing an interpersonal value.

We are frequently asked for executive and management programs that consider a unique profile, specific work situation, organizational culture, and/or personal assessments.